Lectures and Modules Given by Ahmet Ozkurt


Dokuz Eylul University

Classical Education

TBT101 Basic Information Technologies
EEE112 Engineering Graphics
EEE114 Physical electronics
EEE241 Digital Computer Fundamentals

EEE456 Introduction to Robotics

Link for Student Projects 2004
Link for Student Projects 2005
Link for Student Projects 2006

ETE3007 Fundamental Robotics (ENG)

MTS3007 Robotun Temelleri (TR)

MTS3007 Robotun Temelleri (TR) İ.O

EEE445 Microprocessor Systems Link for Student Projects 2005

EEE494 Project- Project Students and Subjects list

EED4306 Robotics


Problem Based Learning (PBL) Class

EE114 fundamentals of Engineering Design

EE124 Electrical Safety Module
EE212 Combinational Logic Module
EE222 Sequential Logic Module
EE311 Digital Electronics Module

EE401 Microcontrollers

EE422 Embedded Systems

EE403 Introduction to Robotics Module  2012 version


İzmir Meslek Yüksek Okulu IMYO

EEL128 Sayısal Tasarım

EBT1300 Sayısal Tasarım

Yaşar University

CE 214 Computer Architecture

İzmir University Of Economics


VCS265 Computer Architecture




Dokuz Eylul Univ. Instude of Natural and Applied Sciences

EEE5027 Communication System Design

MEC509 Neural Network Applications in Mechatronic Systems

MEC5015 Sensors and Interfacing Techniques